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International singer/songwriter with two Top3 iTunes hits, announces single release and live horse-back tour of the California coast to support the plight of the Wild horses in America 


With two Top3 iTunes hits and label deals with Universal and Island Records under her belt, Saie Saie is known globally for penning tracks which deliver a poignant message.  Now international singer/songwriter, Saie Saie embarks on her greatest challenge to-date with the release of her new single, ‘Bones‘. Taken from her forthcoming album ‘Grand View’ which is planned for fall 2017, ‘Bones‘ kick-starts Saie Saie’s mission to save the American Wild Horses; which she’ll physically bring to life in 2017 as she embarks her ‘Wild One’ live music tour of the Californian coast on horseback.

With ‘Bones’ standing dominantly at the heart of her campaign, the Wild One tour harnesses the universal language of music to shine a light on the heartbreaking situation happening in America – which is that the last life of the Wild horses population is being needlessly slaughtered.  In the early 1900’a, 2 million Wild horses roamed America freely, but today government culling has shrunk the breed’s population to less than 50,000.  The horses are herded for ‘adoption’, the unwanted animals are killed.

‘Bones’ is a single-minded statement from Saie Saie, inspired by her passion to save the Wild horses. Underpinned on a sound-bed of tribal drum beats, strong, direct vocals echo a warning cry, melodically vocalising the mind of the wild horses, “If you treat me right I’m an angel, but if you don’t, let me tell you, you’ll feel me in your bones,” the lyrics shout.  Powerful, punchy and poignant, ‘Bones’ sees Saie Saie standing her ground; and this girl means business!!

Saie Saie is an international artist in the true sense of the word – having spent most of her life living out of a suitcase.  Born in Sweden and partly raised in Argentina, she graduated senior high by studying online in Spain on her own for x3 years – now finally making Los Angeles her home. Coming from Stockholm, Sweden, songwriting has always been a very natural way for Saie Saie to express herself. Her influences come from Soul and hip-hop blending into a perfect fusion with her background in Swedish pop.  But don’t let the pretty face of Saie Saie fool you, she is a tomboy who isn’t afraid to break a nail or two; and independently takes on the world to achieve what she wants.  Which is why she understands that if the muted wild horses are to be saved, it’s something she’ll need to tackle head-on, and with this girl riding into town, who could deny her a response!

Saie Saie was a kid who just loved music, it echoed around the walls of her family home and naturally formed part of the fabric of her upbringing. However, when she hit 19, things got serious.  She landed herself a highly prized place at the prestigious ‘Music Makers’ School in the North of Sweden.  These school places are like gold dust and Saie Saie went to the extend of making an ‘impossible bet’ that if she landed a place she’d quit polo (her life-long passion), to pursue music.  Head-strong Saie Saie insisted that a bet is a bet (even to herself) – so she left polo to pursue music; her musical journey had begun.

In the same year that she graduated, Saie Saie signed a record deal with Sofo Records (a sub label to universal) and was later offered a world-wide record deal with Universal Music Group, which then lead to a deal with Island Records UK.   Her first single ‘We Shine’ (under the name Alex Saidac) was on the UK dance chart for 43 weeks, with her second single ‘Stay In This Moment’ notching up 52 weeks in the same chart. MTV played her videos constantly, she was sponsored by Puma and she garnered mammoth radio support throughout Scandinavia, Argentina, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Bali.

‘We Shine’ and ‘Stay In This Moment’ made it to Top 3 on iTunes in Sweden, TV and Radio offers flooded into this young talent – but her dream was still far from fulfilled. Saie Saie realised that her vocation was to use music as a tool to make people feel better – the dance/pop world she found herself in didn’t deliver that.

So she left….went it alone….changed her name to Saie Saie (in honour of her dad) and now the fruits of her labour are fulfilled in the form of ‘Bones‘.  Saie Saie is an artist on a mission, a mission to use her lyrical pen as a sword – take notice!

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