A letter to my humans

People ask me why I want to save them. Why do you care so much? What is it about them? Why them? There are other problems in the world to focus on rather than wild horses… and yes.. that’s true but I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the horses. Horses have carried me throughout my whole life. They have carried me when I couldn’t even carry myself. They have mirrored me when I am dead wrong and supported me when no one else did. Horses are the mirror of your soul. They are by far the some of the most majestic animals walking on this planet and I do this to give back to them for everything they have given us. It’s simply not fair of us to put them in round pens or slaughter them when we have built countries thanks to them.

I have chosen to do something and use my music as a tool to shine a light on this issue. I will ride from Topanga California, to Palomino Valley, Sacramento Area (where the largest wild horse holding pen is located) and play shows along the way. I will perform anywhere from small bars to big venues. The ride will take two months.  My goal is to document the entire journey and make it into a visual album that is documentary based so that more people can find out about the cause and so that I can raise more money to help.

People claim that the wild horses take up too much land, that they overpopulate and starve to death. The wild horses take up only 17% of the land and cost the american tax payers 80 Million dollars a year to have them captivated. The sad truth is that they are being removed from the land because of the cattle industry.

There are far more humane solutions than killing them. Contraceptives is one, moving them to the reservations and develop youth programs with wild horses is another one. There are answers to this issue and I am simply not going to just sit and watch when I know that I can do something!

This is me standing up for them, because I know that they would have done the same thing for me.
If you wan’t to join me on my journey to save these animals. Please support me on my go fund me here!